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3 Important Differences between Dental Implants and Dentures

August 18, 2019
Posted By: Harmony Dental Wellness

If you are looking for a tooth replacement, dentures and dental implants in Austin, TX are both popular options. You’re probably familiar with dentures because they’re used widely and are a reliable solution for many people. 

Today you may also hear more about dental implants as dentists and patients discover their benefits. If you are uncertain about which is right for you, be aware of these three advantages that dental implants offer compared to dentures: 

Most Like a Natural Tooth

Full or partial dentures are designed to rest on top of your gums. They restore your appearance and provide function so you can eat and chew comfortably. 

A dental implant, however, is a small titanium replacement root that’s positioned surgically in your jaw. 

As a biocompatible material, titanium easily integrates with surrounding bone and tissue to form a strong bond. Once the implant heals, it functions similarly to a natural tooth root. A dental restoration like a crown, bridge, or denture is added to the implant to restore function and appearance.

Prevents Jaw Bone Loss

Missing teeth are unattractive and uncomfortable, but the bigger problem is the breakdown of bone in your jaw that’s common after tooth loss. With no tooth root present, the jawbone starts to shrink and deteriorate. 

However, the presence of a dental implant in your jaw stimulates healthy regeneration of bone to keep it healthy and intact. 

Comfortable to Wear

Dentures are notorious for being difficult and uncomfortable to wear. Lower dentures, in particular, are less stable and tend to shift or slip when you eat, laugh, or sneeze. 

Since a dental implant becomes part of your jaw structure, it eventually becomes as stable and secure as a healthy tooth root. For even more stability, your dental implants dentist will be happy to explain how we can secure your dentures with implants. 

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Dentures and dental implants in Austin, TX work differently, but both restore function and appearance to your smile. Call Dr. Sheila Farahani at Harmony Dental Wellness to arrange a dental appointment to discuss both options.

We’ll work together until we find the solution that works best for you.

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