As recommended by the Governor, and the TSBDE, we are shifting to an Emergency Only schedule from March 20th until at least April 21st.  If you have a routine dental appointment scheduled during that time, there is no need to call us; we will be reaching out to you to reschedule. If you have a true dental emergency involving pain, swelling, or imminent damage to your health, please call us! We are here for you! If we do not answer, press 0 when the voicemail starts to reach Dr. Farahani's cell phone. We will be happy to see you and resolve your problem. We also offer telemedicine for non-emergency situations. Otherwise, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we do our part to keep everyone safe!
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What is NuCalm?

If you feel anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist, we offer a medication-free solution called NuCalm. This technology was created to help soldiers suffering from PTSD, and it combines dental cleaning | dentist austin txthe use of an all natural product with acoustic therapy to provide deep comfort and relaxation. Here's how the four-step process works:

  1. All-Natural Chewable Tablets (Gaba and L-Theanine) are administered at the beginning of your appointment. These chewable and good tasting tablets immediately create a natural relaxation response.
  2. FDA-cleared Microcurrent Stimulation is applied via tiny patches placed below each ear. This current helps to rapidly assist the relaxation response.
  3. Soothing Music is then delivered through noise-canceling headphones. The music actually features a proprietary neuroacoustic pattern designed to facilitate deep relaxation.
  4. Light blocking eyemasks are then used to remove visual stimuli and help to maintain your peaceful and relaxed state.

Sedation Alternative

Many of our patients find that this is all the relaxation that they need to feel at ease during their dental procedures, which eliminates the need for other sedation methods such as Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedation.

If you would like to learn more about NuCalm and how it can benefit you, please contact your dentist in Austin.

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