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Harmony Dental Wellness
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Elevating Dental Care Through Partnerships with Patients to Optimize Health

The Core Values we use to realize our mission are:

1. Compassion: You will never be treated as a number here. We place your humanity at the center of the care we provide.

2. Education: We take extra time to help you understand what we see, and to discuss your options with you so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

3. Exceptional Quality of Care: We use modern technology in partnership with the most accomplished specialists and labs to ensure that you receive the highest quality care.

4. Trust: We will always do what is right and fair. We are accountable for our actions and will provide transparency so you can feel confident in our care.

5. Comprehensive Thinking: Your mouth is part of your body. We recommend care with consideration of your total body to help you live your healthiest life.

6. Prevention: We use conservative restorations and preventive treatments to reinforce your health and lessen the need for future services.

SOLEA Drill free and needle free dentistry!

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Harmony Dental Wellness | Dr. Sheila Farahani

Dr. Sheila Farahani

Dr. Farahani received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Washington in 2010 and in 2021 has been awarded a Fellowship with the American Academy of Clear Aligners. She has completed rigorous training in oral and systemic health to provide a more fully comprehensive experience for patients than is found at most dental offices. In addition, she is a board member with the American Academy of Clear Aligners. Throughout her career, she has studied across the country under some of the most respected practitioners including Dr. Gordon Christiensen, Dr. Martin Anderson, Dr. Mike Evans, Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. John Kois, Dr. David Galler, and Dr. Dick Tucker Jr, accumulating more than three times the required continuing education each year. Her knowledge, experience and skill has made Dr. Farahani a respected speaker both locally and nationally. She travels to speak at offices and conventions, most recently at GRC 2022, for the AACA Study Clubs and for at the Align Technologies GP Summit.

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Monday - Thursday 7:00am - 3:30pm

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Harmony Dental Wellness

3818 Spicewood Springs Rd Suite 100 Austin, Texas 78759

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Our Dental Wellness Based Commitment

We don't just treat symptoms; we strive to prevent disease. The body works best when everything is in balance. We understand the factors that create balance and will always use the least invasive approach with the most conservative restorations so that your body can create and maintain optimal health.

About Our Services

Welcome to Our Practice

We are delighted to welcome you to our dental family! If you are seeking truly comprehensive dental care in a warm, compassionate environment, you are in the right place. Dr. Sheila Farahani and our team are committed to ensuring that every patient receives the most thorough, modern and attentive care from the moment they walk through our door. We deeply value every patient relationship and always welcome input whether in person, by phone, or through email. You are treated as a valued member of our dental family from the first day of our relationship. We always want you to feel comfortable and proud of your dental home!

Harmony Dental Wellness is located in the beautiful NW Hills neighborhood of Austin, TX. Every new patient exam includes an Oral Health Scan with a 3D digital scanner that allows you to see what we see. We provide this complimentary scan to show you that we value your partnership in your care. In addition to the highest level of modern dental care, you will find that we are attentive to the connections between your oral health and your total body health. Your oral health is linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer, brain health, joint and musculo-skeletal health, metabolic health and healthy pregnancies. At our practice, we don’t just treat symptoms; we strive to prevent disease.

You will also appreciate the peaceful and spa-like environment you will find at Harmony Dental Wellness complete with many amenities provided for your comfort including aromatherapy, soft blankets, sunglasses, headphones and anxiety reduction treatments. With the most current technology, you will be amazed at how much more comfortable our treatments are compared to traditional dentistry. Many of our services can be done without needles, drills, pain, goop or lasting numbness! We are also an eco-friendly office, which means that we use earth-friendly or organic materials and avoid one-time use plastics whenever possible.

Dr. Sheila Farahani spends countless hours on continuing education to make sure she is providing you with the most current recommendations regarding your health. She is a Platinum Invisalign Provider, active member of local, state and national dental organizations and travels locally and throughout the country lecturing to other dentists on prevention of disease.  

Some of the ways we provide comprehensive treatment include:

  • A 21-point comprehensive exam
  • Conventional, Solea Laser and Digital dentistry options available
  • Use of progressive treatments for anxiety including drug-free options, Nu-Calm, laughing gas, and conscious sedation
  • Invisalign Clear aligner therapy to optimize tooth position and prevent disease
  • Testing of your saliva for bacterial profile, pH, genetic markers and HPV 
  • Oral cancer screening with every exam
  • T-scan measurements of the forces on each tooth when you bite or grind
  • Screening and treatment for sleep apnea and snoring
  • Use of the most conservative options available to prevent disease and maintain balance in your body

Our goal is to work in partnership with you and your other health care professionals to provide dental care that is personalized to your individual needs and exceeds your expectations for total wellness care. Our focus has always been to build long-lasting, positive relationships with our patients as well as to provide the most up to date dental and diagnostic health services in a caring, relaxing environment, where you are our priority and focus.

We invite you to contact our office to arrange a convenient time for your next dental appointment today!

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