Sedation Dentistry in North Austin

No More Dental Anxiety!

Sedation dentistry is an ideal option for anyone who struggles with dental anxiety or fear, those who have challenges getting numb, sensitive teeth, or a bad gag reflex. It is also an ideal woman smiling sitting in dental chairsolution for patients who have multiple or complex treatment procedures to complete in one visit without anxiety, or for anyone who has difficulty sitting for extended periods of time. Local anesthetics are also more effective while you are relaxed. Sedation dentistry essentially eliminates any fears about pain during treatment.

Based on your individual needs, we will work with you to determine the best level of sedation for your particular situation.

The Sedation Dentistry Options


The lightest form of Relaxation Sedation is a drug-free, totally natural, herbal product. It is called NuCalm and has been in use worldwide for over six years. NuCalm uses natural ingredients to produce a state of relaxation within minutes, without any heavy medication. Because we are the most experienced NuCalm dental office in the North Austin area, we are extremely competent in the use of NuCalm.

When used with our noise canceling headphones and beautiful binaural music, your level of relaxation is enhanced. NuCalm is so effective, safe and calming; we have patients who choose to use it at every dental visit and leave the office feeling as if they took a two-hour power nap. Many want to come back just to have a regular NuCalm session on a weekly basis so they can experience the refreshing feeling it produces.

Nitrous Oxide

The next form of conscious sedation is nitrous oxide. It is a very light, soothing gas which you breathe in, allowing you to feel at ease during treatment and come back feeling like you have had a peaceful nap. Nitrous is also called laughing gas because of the feelings of euphoria and exhilaration it produces.

The relaxed feeling begins about two minutes after the gas is administered. Once your treatment is completed, pure oxygen is delivered, so you leave the office feeling clear and able to drive. It is very safe and has no lingering after-effects so that you can continue with your daily routine.

Oral Conscious Sedation

woman with glasses holding her face smilingFor people who need maximum sedation, we recommend oral conscious sedation. We prescribe an oral anti-anxiety medication which you take before your appointment. When you begin to feel a profoundly relaxing feeling and drowsiness, we will start your procedure. You are still able to speak and respond to external requests, but in most cases, you will have little memory of the appointment. When using oral conscious sedation, you will need someone to drive you to and from our office. Oral conscious sedation can be combined with nitrous oxide for an even more relaxed feeling.





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