Gaps between teeth at the gum line, called Black Triangles, can make it look like you have food caught between your teeth, even when they are clean. In addition to the cosmetic issue they cause, Black Triangles create homes for damaging bacteria. These areas are more likely to develop gum disease or cavities!

Dr. Sheila Farahani has completed advanced training in the BioClear system to close these Black Triangles. Unlike Veneers that require enamel to be cut down,  BioClear is a completely conservative procedure that does not require removal of any tooth structure! It is a safe and long-lasting way to improve the health and cosmetics of these important gumline areas.

Harmony Dental Wellness is proud to be one of the few providers nationally that offers Bioclear and Dr. Farahani is one of a select few in Austin, TX to have completed the BioClear training program. She would be happy to discuss with you to see if BioClear Black Triangle treatment is right for you