Tooth-Colored Fillings in North Austin

tooth colored fillings | austin tx Every year, people are making better and wiser decisions when it comes to their health. Advanced research, continuing education, and the vast amount of information the internet offers continue to empower people with knowledge. This is true even for medical professionals, and our dentist is no exception. It shows, especially in the latest materials they choose to place in the missing tooth structure.

Preserving Your Smile

Everyone wants to save money, time, and eliminate discomfort. Our preventive dentistry helps you do just that. We believe that maintaining a healthy, disease-free mouth will enable you to retain your natural teeth for your entire life with a minimal amount of loss of time, cost, and discomfort. Your commitment to our preventive recommendations for regular, prescribed continuing care appointments and necessary preventive restorations will be essential to achieving this goal.

Teeth are best left in their natural, whole condition, and our restorations and design techniques focus on preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible. Early detection of decay, premature wear, fractures of teeth, and breakdown of older fillings allows us to perform these conservative dental procedures to preserve your natural tooth structure and strength.

Why We Choose Metal-Free Fillings

The days of using silver amalgam (mercury) filling materials have long past. However, many people still have silver fillings in their teeth. These fillings do nothing to strengthen your tooth – they are merely filling a hole. And while they may be long-lasting, worn amalgam fillings can weaken your tooth and increase your risk for fracture because of the contraction and expansion of metal due to the constant temperature changes in your mouth. They are also not esthetically appealing.

Dr. Farahani is committed to staying up-to-date on the most superior products, ensuring that the restorations she creates for your teeth are safe, strong, and long-lasting. That’s why they use the finest tooth-colored bonded resin materials for small to moderately sized restorations. When used with dentin and enamel bonding techniques, these beautiful composites restore your tooth as close to its original physical integrity as possible, giving you the added benefit of exceptional fillings | harmony dental wellness

Meeting Your Needs

During your comprehensive examination with our dentist and at your continuing care hygiene appointments, Dr. Farahani will evaluate your existing restorations. When it is needed, she offers recommendations for restorations that are superior in safety, strength, and esthetics. Your old metal fillings can even be upgraded to tooth-colored material in many cases. We are happy to discuss your needs and the current condition of your old restorations with you.

Give your dentist in North Austin a call today to learn more and schedule your next dental appointment.