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Our Philosophy – The Oral (Mouth) – Systemic (Body) Connection

“To serve and care for our guests as family!” Can we adequately encapsulate the philosophy of our boutique dental practice as simply as that? Can the guiding principles and fundamental values of our dental team be summarized in a nutshell?

The answer is definitely, “YES!”

The core of our philosophy is a dedication to providing every patient with comprehensive yet gentle professional dental care – care that takes into consideration your body, your mind, and your spirit!

Our Commitment to You

Dr. Farahani and her hand-selected team of dedicated professionals are committed to welcoming you at each interaction with our practice, not just as a patient, but also as a valued member of our dental family.

In all aspects of your care we consider the four basic tenets described below:

HEART ~  We spend a great amount of time getting to know you, so we have an understanding of your healthcare goals before ever picking up a mouth mirror. It is vital that we see you as more than just another set of teeth.

MIND ~ After conducting a uniquely developed, multi-focused, comprehensive examination – including all the necessary x-rays, photographs, and sometimes even models of your teeth – our dentist will join you in a co-discovery discussion. This examination and discussion ensures your comfort and helps you understand your Wellness-Based Customized Treatment Plan.

MOUTH ~ Place the care of your mouth in trusted hands. Dr. Farahani is committed to ongoing continuing education for herself and her entire dental team, honing their skills and expertise in all aspects of dental treatment modalities. 

BODY ~  Dr. Farahani has adapted the old proverb, “The eyes are the window to the soul" into, “The mouth is the window to your health and wellness.” This rings true as your oral health is directly related to all other systems in your body.

There is a definite correlation between oral health and your immune system. The presence of systemic inflammation can contribute to life-threatening illnesses. Dr. Farahani and our dedicated clinical team have adopted a ‘whatever it takes‘ attitude toward helping you understand the risks that poor dental health may pose to your body’s well-being.

We look forward to the opportunity to have you join our practice for a Lifetime of Health and Wellness, and we welcome your constructive feedback as well as your referrals.

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