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Is flossing REALLY necessary?

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You may have heard rumors that you don't really need to floss. We are here to give you the long and short answer to the confusion.

The short answer is YES, you do need to clean effectively between your teeth!

The longer answer is this: Bacteria in your mouth eat the same food you eat. They digest the food and make acid as their waste product. When bacteria are allowed to stay on your teeth and gums the acid dissolves away the tooth to make a cavity or causes inflammation of the gums to cause gum disease. That's why you need to get those pesky bacteria off of your teeth! There are several ways to effectively clean between your teeth. Classically, it is thought to be best to use floss, but depending on your mouth, you may also be able to use a waterflosser (like a WaterPik), interdental brushes, stimudents or one of many other tools. Floss effectively cleans up to 3mm below the gum line when used properly in a healthy mouth. If you have buildup, bone loss, crooked teeth, deep pockets, missing teeth or other dental conditions, you should definitely check with your dentist (or come see us!) to find out what is best for your mouth. Things change quickly in the mouth so coming back for your regular exam and hygiene visit will ensure that you can hang on to those pearly whites!

We are here to support, not judge, so please don't feel embarrassed to tell us that you don't floss. We can help!

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