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How long does Invisalign treatment take?

Since everyone who wants straight teeth comes to us with their own unique goals for their smile, Invisalign treatment times are different for everyone. On average, our patients spend between 6-12 months in treatment to achieve their best smile. Is your goal a cosmetic adjustment? Do you have bite problems we need to address? Are you a teen or older adult?

These are all questions we consider when discussing treatment with Invisalign at our Austin, TX dental office. With better technology than ClearCorrect or Smile Direct Club, Invisalign uses crystal-clear custom aligners to move your teeth millimeter by millimeter until they’re in the desired position. We can use Invisalign to make small cosmetic corrections or to address large orthodontic problems like overbites or underbites.

When Dr. Farahani discusses Invisalign with you, she’ll identify your goals and develop a plan for treatment to help you achieve them. You will receive several sets of customized aligner trays, and each should be worn every day for at least 22 hours for two weeks.

The number of sets of Invisalign aligners you receive depends on your individual needs; many of our patients use between 20 and 30 sets, while more complex cases may require as many as 50.

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Dr. Farahani would be happy to meet with you to explain how Invisalign in Austin, TX can help you achieve your goals. Please call Harmony Dental Wellness at (512) 346-1212 to arrange an Invisalign appointment to get started.

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